Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Finalizing Front Page

 I am doing the final edits for the front page and should be completely finished this week, this is the progress so far.

Monday, February 8, 2021

Table of contents Draft


Today I worked on the draft for my table of contents for uptown teen and this is the design and format so far.

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Interview Questions And Answers

 Interview Questions and Answers

According to you, what are the skills necessary for becoming a successful fashion designer?

I would say you need the talent but I wasn't born with the talent but,

I had the spark to do it and I've seen little kids who are born with the talent

I had to work for it. I wasn't good at art or fashion and I had to work for it, I had to want it,

so if you want to be successful you have to want it you have to work hard

because nothing in life comes easily, it's all about doing your research

so you never know when you're getting your success that's why always try and try

because it can come at any moment. Always keep learning new things. If you’re a one trick pony

How do you believe your work differentiates

from the work of other designers/ how would you define your personal style?

I would apply the terms to that especially in college

because you are surrounded by many fashion designers

and it's interesting because what makes me different is my memories and travels and family

and the experiences that I go through. In the beginning i was scared as an artist

but my artist friends encouraged me to open a social media to publish my things

and get myself to be known out there....

What is the hardest thing about designing something?

It never finishes, the work is never done,

you would always want to tweak it and you are going to think that it's never going to be perfect

is a common problem for artists. As an artist you need to know when to stop

but we are all perfectionists and never stop trying to make it perfect.

What are your career goals?

To travel the world, Snava partakes in fashion art and travel,

those are the three elements my end goal is to be able to fully support myself with my design and travel

and do more curated closets where I travel around and everyday

I wear a new garment weather it's mine or other artists designs like a traveling fashion show. 

What was the most challenging design to create, and why?

All of them because you never know where you're going to start

and what the finishing product would be.

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Interview Questions and Answers

 Interview Questions And Answers

Why did you choose Fashion designing as your career?

Because I started off as Art and then, I said Art isn’t going to make me the money so Then, I went to a high school  that had a design program called design and architect senior high and they kinda force you into a design program weather its interior, film, etc., they don't have fine arts so I decided to go to fashion and with fashion i took art and made it like a 3d version of art so fashion for me is a 3d version of art so i decided to go to fashion because i wanted to make my own clothes and pursue something to bring art to the next level

When did you realize you wanted to study this profession?

I realized in Highschool I just knew i wanted to get out of Miami and anything art related i tried everything but art gave me that spark so then fashion i fell in love with it in high school and there we would do a fashion showcase its an intense program and i was creating sculptural pieces and painting on clothes and i said “Hey I'm pretty good at this” so i applied to so many schools and went to the one In New York City and there I fell more in love with fashion design 

What do you love about being a fashion designer?

I love meeting people to build connections with people because fashion design isn't about me it's about the customer. Fashion design in other words is its own world and it's weird to say but it's fascinating to me because it's so broad. So what I love is that I'm creating my own world. I could’ve gone to be a nurse but fashion design I get to express myself and i like the fact that I can help people with my talent. Today I started creating a draft for a double page spread 


Who and which things are the inspiration while creating any design?

I get my inspiration of my memories so it's very personal to me, my muse is my family and travel to say, and God because of the nature and the fact that he destinies everyone in its own path and it fascinates me that we go through situations that build up our character and i like to apply those memories and my mom loves road trips so that's a part of it to and God’s creations. Traveling and memories

What is Fashion for you?

It's a love hate relationship because fashion can be a very materialistic thing but i also study how it harms but beside its in terms of confidence and character through the way you dress through the way you create where you can express yourself like a first impression, you can tell alot of the person from what they are wearing so it's an insight of who they are or who they want to become

Friday, January 22, 2021

Organizing Interview


Today I was organizing the interview questions and answers to be able to transfer them to the double page spread magazine later on. 

Monday, January 18, 2021

Creating Double Page Spread

Today I started creating a draft for a double page spread for the magazine and the final will have, I started incorporating pictures and play around with the format of the magazine

Finalizing Front Page

 I am doing the final edits for the front page and should be completely finished this week, this is the progress so far.